Weaver Leather Stacy Westfall Activity Ball

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Weaver Leather Stacy Westfall Activity Ball Description

From a horse toy to a training aid, Stacy’s Activity Ball is a versatile tool for a wide range of riders. A DVD hosted by natural horsemanship expert Stacy Westfall shows you the many uses for this ball. It can be used as an aid in training horses, a tool to help you work on balance and improve seat position and a horse toy that offers hours of enjoyment. Incorporating this activity ball into your training sessions helps desensitize your horse and reduce spooking or overreacting to new things. Perfect for average-sized horses and riders. Includes a pump for easy inflation. The ball’s circumference should be approximately 93′ when fully inflated with a height of 30′. Please inflate fully to help prevent horse from biting ball. Supervision is recommended at all times. Blue.

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