Vitakraft Timothy Hay Sweet Grass

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Vitakraft Timothy Hay Sweet Grass Description

Size:56-Ounce Vitakraft’s Timothy Hay is a nutritious basis of a healthy daily diet and provides a natural balance of the vitamins, minerals protein and fiber needed for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus. At Vitakraft, we use only hand select Premium Timothy Hay harvested at peak maturity for the best nutrient content and softest stem quality. Your pet will love the the sweet taste of this of this hay, its great for selective eaters. Grown without pesticides and free of artificial colors and preservatives, our hay is a fresh and healthy choice for your family pet! Mini bales of Vitakraft Spring Timothy Hay are compressed into individual portions and tightly banded to protect from UV light, keeping hay greener and more flavorful. Simply snip the band and hay expands into convenient, easy-to-feed servings which prevents mess and product waste. Timothy hay is naturally lower in protein and calcium and a little bit higher in fiber then alfalfa hay, it provides an excellent food basis for the mature pet. A Timothy diet is also beneficial to the overweight ad or sedentary animal who doesn’t need the richness and nutrient density of an alfalfa based diet, and is of special benefit to the adult pet rabbit, whose protein and calcium and requirements are much lower than their younger siblings. Vitakraft foods provide the right levels of protein, nutrients and fiber without excess protein, energy and added sugars. Gives your pet what he needs, without the stuff he doesn’t!

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