Standlee Premium Western Forage Alfalfa, 25Lb Box

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Standlee Premium Western Forage Alfalfa, 25Lb Box Description

Standlee’s jojo’s BEST™ Alfalfa is the highest quality premium western forage and the highest in protein, digestible energy and calcium than any other forage. Alfalfa is also high in fiber which helps keep the gastrointestinal tract of rabbits and other small herbivores functioning properly. Long stem fiber also fosters the natural foraging instincts which are critical to your animal’s overall and dental health. Alfalfa provides essential calcium necessary for growing bones and is a source of other important minerals for your herbivore’s dietary health. Standlee’s jojo’s BEST™ Alfalfa forage is grown in the nutrient rich volcanic soils of Southern Idaho where the abundant sun, low humidity and access to irrigation produces the best quality forages in the World! jojo’ s BEST™ Alfalfa premium western forage is 2nd cutting and sun-cured forage, free of additives and preservatives and hand-sorted for packaging. Premium western Alfalfa forage is recommended by veterinarians as an appetite stimulant when an animal is ill or convalescing. Alfalfa forage can also be given as a treat.

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