Pet Naturals Hip & Joint Tablets, Extra Strength, 120-Count Bottle

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Pet Naturals Hip & Joint Tablets, Extra Strength, 120-Count Bottle Description

Size: Pack of 1 A comprehensive alternative formula for the support of hip, joint, and connective tissue functions in dogs at any stage of life. Because age, breed, diet, lifestyle, injury, and stress can affect the health of any joints structure and function, Hip+Joint products are designedto meet the needs of your dog! Hip+Joint products offer your dog an alternative line of defense whether your goal is to support existinghealthy tissue and joints, or to help maintain joint function in the aged or injured animal. Recommended for: Dogs with advanced need for joint support of structure and function of joints. For geriatric, retired, working or sporting breeds. Dogs recovering from accidents or post-surgery. Dogs pre-disposed to joint and connective tissue stress. Hip+Joint is a synergistic combination of ingredients that can optimize your dogs joint function and comfort while, at the same time,provide building blocks necessary to support normal joint structure. It maintains healthy joint and connective tissue function in dogspre-disposed to loss of structure and function in joints over time. Hip+Joint Extra Strength was formulated specifically to meet the needs of dogs with major requirements for joint support. It supports theproper structure and function of synovial joints, helps maintain flexibility and everyday comfort in dogs showing joint stress. Chondroitin Sulfates helps support the proper structure and function of healthy connective tissues and joints. The purified ChondroitinSulfates in these products are derived from Certified BSE-Free Bovine Tracheal Cartilage which is a rich source of biologically-activeChondroitin Sulfates. Glucosamine has many direct benefits. It supports GAG synthesis and providesflexibility to the stressed joints. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a source of organic sulfur. Sulfur supports propermaintenance of connective tissue function, flexibility of joint and helps maintain everyday comfort. Vitamin C and Manganese are required for the synthesis of

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