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HumaniacTM Cat Castle Pkt 15 Description

ACES HumaniacTM ‘Cat Castle’ (Patent No. D760,445—Cat Castle Complete & Patent No. D760,446—Carrier Only) provides cats (up to 35lbs) with a safe, cozy and secure environment, thereby minimizing the stress of shelter life. The main carrier has multiple ventilation holes and a ‘drawbridge’ that allows the carrier to be closed off or open. This permits the cat to exit or enter when it feels comfortable to do so, allowing it to become familiar with its surroundings at its own pace. The attachable ‘turret’ turns into a viewing platform or a sentry point so they can see what is going on around them. It also provides a separation point from the main carrier but still within its own scent areas. By providing the cat with options, (hiding, stalking or resting) helps promote natural feline behavior quickly. These features help the cat feel safe and secure not only in the shelter but also in the transitioning period to their new forever home. When erected as a carrier the dimensions are 16L x 11.5W x 14H (internal dimensions 16 x 11.5 x 9), when turret is attached 16L x 11.5W x 18H (inches).

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