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Canine Synacore Description

Canine Synacore Canine Synacore contains 4 probiotic strains, 2 prebiotics, 13 enzymes and 3 vitamins to help promote digestive support and better overall health. Digestive upsets, Diarrhea, and related GI issues are common issues dogs and puppies deal with. These issues can have a range of causes: micro flora imbalances, deficiency in enzymes/vitamins, switching foods, medications, boarding, traveling or environmental changes. Keep your dog healthy and happy with Synacore. Features: Promotes the overall wellbeing of your dog Provides nutritional support for a healthy immune system. Moderates the negative effects of stress. Helps support regular digestion; may protect against occasional digestive upsets. 4 Probiotics (specified strains*) proven to balance micro flora in the GI tract, which helps your dog defend against digestive upsets and other health problems 6 Billion CFU’s per stick pack 2 Prebiotics that provide a food source for good bacteria to grow and thrive 13 Enzymes to help break down food so your dog can gain all of the nutritional benefits from their diet 3 Vitamins to promote healthy skin, shinier coat, stronger bones and a healthy gut May reduce fecal odor with regular use Approved by the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council). Item Specifications: Size: 30 stick packs Directions: Once per day, sprinkle 1 stick pack over your dog’s suggested serving of food. Everyday Health: Supplementing with Synacore once a day keeps your dog regular, healthy and happy! Your dog will shine in a healthier coat and benefit from healthy skin and digestion. Synacore can also be fed during antibiotic use to help maintain proper gut flora. Deficient in Enzymes or Vitamins: Synacore may be used as a daily supplement for dogs deficient in enzymes or vitamins. Processed dog food is void of enzymes. A lack of enzymes in a dog’s diet causes unnecessary stress on the pancreas and can lead to serious issues. Synacore contains 13 highly active enzymes for proper nutrition,

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