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Canine Footwear Suspenders Snuggy Boots for Dog, Small, Blue

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Canine Footwear Suspenders Snuggy Boots for Dog, Small, Blue Description

Snuggy Boots Orthotic & Footwear Suspenders is the ULTIMATE PROTECTIVE care for your dog’s paws. Dog booties, shoes and socks are NOT NEW. Suspenders to keep booties, shoes and socks from falling off, getting lost and providing medical benefits for your dog IS NEW. Snuggy Boots prevent shoes and boots from slipping off and getting lost during outdoor activities. Eliminates lost boots in snow or roaming in the woods. Your dog’s footwear is always ready to be put on when left attached to the suspenders. Never waste time looking around the house or car for missing footwear. Snuggy Boots combined with footwear provides a long list of medical/therapeutic/health benefits for your dog. Problems like Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, Limping, dragging feet or toes and mobility issues. Helps wound care by keeping bandages on, dog chewing on their paws, promotes faster healing. Snuggy Boots and footwear provide paw protection from snow, ice, chemicals, hot asphalt, hot beach sand, rocks, glass, sand spurs, sharp metal objects, rough terrain and other environmental hazards. Protect your cars upholstery, wood floors, carpet, furniture, and bedding from toe nail damage by using Snuggy Boots. Eliminates tracking in dirt, mud, allergens and outside filth with Snuggy Boots and footwear. Buy multiple sets of Snuggy Boots to keep all your dog’s footwear attached and ready before heading outdoors or from your car when traveling. Constructed with adjustable nylon webbing, center back strap and tension adjustable elastic leg straps. The leg straps and back strap have suspender clips that attach to footwear and your dog’s collar. Designed with Quick Connect Buckles allows for Easy adjustments to provide a comfortable fit. You only need to make the initial fitting and then leave the footwear attached to the suspenders. Putting on footwear for your next outing will be simple and quick. Snuggy Boots is available in assorted colors and sizes totally adjustable to fit all dogs.

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